In the Aftermath


Past the Pain of Childhood Sexual Abuse

by Pamela Gannon and Beverly Moore

Nominated as one of the Top Ten Books of the Year 2017 by ACBC

Studies show that thousands of children are sexually abused in the US every year; most by someone they know and trust.  Being abused by a known, trusted older person adds to a child’s devastation of the pain and terror they experience.

Adult victims of  CSA have tried looking for answers within themselves or other people’s theories, but have not found the hope and help they are seeking.  That is because the only true and lasting hope, joy and peace are not found within us, but in God who created us.  This book will point you directly to God’s Word where you will find His comfort and peace.

“(In the Aftermath) emphasizes restoring one’s relationship with a good and loving God. The Gospel of Christ permeates the counsel throughout the book, and drives its usefulness in helping troubled souls move from confusion and bondage, to true transformation for the glory of God. In the Aftermath is a book well worth reading and adding to any counselor’s toolbox.”

Dr. Stuart W. Scott, Professor of Biblical Counseling, The Master’s University

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