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Divine Intervention

Hope and Help For Families of Addicts

Mark E. Shaw

Friends and family members are often amazed at how this book describes the “addict” in their lives. But more than a description, Mark Shaw clearly spells out what to do and how to interact with that person. It is divided into three sections that prove helpful for loved ones of those who are caught in the snare of addictive sins:

  • What to do with Unwilling and Unrepentant Addicts
  • What to do with Willing and Repentant Addicts
  • What God wants you to Learn

The Heart of Addiction Bundle ($125 Value! / See Notes Below for Titles Included)

The Heart of Addiction Bundle

Mark E. Shaw

Includes on of each of the following:

The Heart of Addiction Book
– Workbook
– Leader’s Guide
Relapse Workbook
Cross Talking
Divine Intervention
Addiction-Proof Parenting
Strength in Numbers
Eating Disorders: Hope for Hungering Souls


Hope and Help through Biblical Counseling
…For Gambling
…For Cutters and Self-Injurers
…For Sexual Temptation
…For Video Game, TV and Internet “Addictions”
Understanding Temptation
How Not to Raise an Addict