The family dynamics of addiction are confusing due to the relational strife, hard choices, division, enabling behaviors, and failed attempts at tough love. Walking wisely by faith during this heart-wrenching time starts with discerning what is going on in your own heart before offering admonishment, encouragement, or help to the person you love. God’s Word has immense practical hope and wisdom for the loved ones of those in addiction, and His Holy Spirit will comfort you.

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“Mankind’s creativity in inventing and pursuing new ways to get high makes awareness and prevention extremely difficult. But God’s Word never changes. I hope your local church will use these booklets in The Transformation Series to keep the dialogue moving from education and prevention toward the biblical perspective of Hope for addictive behavior through the good news of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”
~ Dr. Mark E. Shaw

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Here is the fuel that the local church needs to start a transformation revolution that is far-reaching and effective beyond sobriety. The important NEXT STEP beyond the goal of recovery is the eternal goal of TRANSFORMATION through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word!

The Addiction Connection offers a curriculum of short, scripture-saturated video lessons taught by Dr. Mark E. Shaw, counselor and author of over 20 publications, including The Heart of Addiction: A Biblical Perspective.

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