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“…excellent resource with biblical wisdom and practical ways to grow a family God’s way, and for His glory.” Mark E. Shaw, D. Min. , Founder of The Addiction Connection (

“…the authors share their decades of personal experience as parents, grandparents, and biblical counselors with other Christian parents who want to leave their children something infinitely more important than a material inheritance.” Paul Tautges, Author; Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church, Mayfield Heights, Ohio


Here is the fuel that the local church needs to start a transformation revolution that is far-reaching and effective beyond sobriety. The important NEXT STEP beyond the goal of recovery is the eternal goal of TRANSFORMATION through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word!

The Addiction Connection offers a curriculum of short, scripture-saturated video lessons taught by Dr. Mark E. Shaw, counselor and author of over 20 publications, including The Heart of Addiction: A Biblical Perspective.

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